UK 4G rollout: 90000 homes at risk of Freeview TV signal interference

Posted on 10 Jun 2013 at 04:04AM

Joint telecoms venture at800 has updated its estimate of the likely scale of impact that 4G rollout will have on Freeview signals in the UK. The revised prediction follows extensive testing by the group across a range of locations, including different ...

Joint telecoms venture at800 has updated its estimate of the likely scale of impact that 4G rollout will have on Freeview signals in the UK.

The revised prediction follows extensive testing by the group across a range of locations, including different parts of the Greater London area, as well in Brighton, the West Midlands, and York.

According to at800, if 4G rollout reflects the results seen during these tests, no more than 90,000 properties should have their television signal adversely affected by the activation of the new high-speed spectrum.

Nevertheless, at800 will continue to reach out to potentially at risk households, adding that it will be sending out informative postcards to residents in areas where 4G masts are set to be switched on in the "coming weeks and months."

Certain properties may also be preemptively distributed with signal filters to attach to their televisions to minimise disruption.

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Due to the close proximity of the 800MHz 4G spectrum to the UK's Freeview signal, initial predictions by Ofcom posited that 4G could disrupt TV reception for up to two million homes. However, fears of an impending 4G/Freeview apocalypse now appear to have been misguided.

The at800 group is a joint venture set up by Three, Vodafone, EE, and O2 to probe the impact of 4G rollout on digital TV signals. At present, EE is the UK's sole purveyor of 4G mobile services, with the other networks expected to join the party later this year.

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