85% of TalkTalk TV users have upgraded from Freeview

Posted on 03 Jun 2013 at 02:02AM

Some 85 per cent of households signing up for TalkTalk TV are upgrading from Freeview, it has been revealed. TalkTalk says the vast majority of those signing up for its Plus TV package were not previously on a subscription television deal. And ...

Some 85 per cent of households signing up for TalkTalk TV are upgrading from Freeview, it has been revealed.

TalkTalk says the vast majority of those signing up for its Plus TV package were not previously on a subscription television deal.

And according to the broadband provider, they have signed up to TalkTalk TV because they want "to enjoy a little bit more pay-TV, not a lot".

The firm says the value offered by TalkTalk TV - which includes more than 70 live channels, seven-day catch-up services and unlimited access to 1,000 shows, box sets and films on-demand - is making it the UK's fastest growing television service.

Customers receive a free YouView box when they sign up, providing access to TalkTalk TV.

The unit, which allows users to pause, record and rewind live TV, ordinarily retails at £299 on the high street.

TalkTalk Plus TV is currently priced at £10 per month for six months, rising to £15.50 for the remainder of the contract. A line rental fee also applies from the outset.

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