Pace announces Freeview HD PVR

Posted on 24 Mar 2010 at 11:11AM
Pace announces Freeview HD PVR

Pace announces Freeview HD PVR

By Ian Williams SET TOP BOX MAKER Pace has unveiled its first Freeview HD personal video recorder (PVR). Sporting the Philips brand, the PVR packs in two ...

SET TOP BOX MAKER Pace has unveiled its first Freeview HD personal video recorder (PVR).

Sporting the Philips brand, the PVR packs in two DVB-T2 tuners and a 500GB hard drive, which is enough to store around 250 hours of standard definition content and about 125 hours of the high-def stuff.

The recorder packs in all of the most common features including timeshifting and program and series recording through the seven day electronic programme guide.

It also has USB and Ethernet ports on the back, however the Ethernet port is currently not functional and only images and music files can be accessed by USB connected media.

The Philips HDT8520 HD PVR is due to land in May and will go for a recommended price of £299.

The company is also releasing the DTR5520 HD receiver, a smaller brother to the PVR, which just a basic receiver with a single tuner and no recording facility which is due launch in April for around £159. µ

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