To improve your freevi…

Video was posted on 29 Jan 2013 at 14:02PM

To improve your freeview reception or fix missing pictures, blocks on screen, or poor quality pictures or sound. Watch this video to get the most from your s...


  1. Comment by AdeeGiada AdeeGiada

    i would think that virgin media shulod allow you to just have tv if thats all you want. of course they will try to sell you the rest though, and it does depend if your street has been cabled.

  2. Comment by Kylyshbek Kylyshbek

    No is the short answer bsacuee Freeview is broadcast on (usually) horizontal polarity between 471 and 847 MegaHertz. Sky broadcasts in the Ku band which is between 12 and 18 Gigahertz. The low noise block convertor in the centre of the parabolic dish covers this band, and whilst it might be possible to convert it I'm convinced the time and expense involved is far in excess of having a TV aerial put up.Don't buy a cheap Argos special aerial either unless you're sure you can get away with it. If all or part of your signal lies in group A (471-599 MHz) then it's going to work poorly. Your best bet is to contact a dealer who is familiar with the area. [url=]becziwarrd[/url] [link=]fbpmaeqfehr[/link]

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